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Welcome to Faith Memorial Church!

Are you curious about Jesus and why people follow him?
Does it really matter if you believe in Jesus?
Can Jesus make any difference in your life for the better?

The family of Faith is consistently seeking to learn more from the Holy Bible about Jesus, His life, His teachings and the example He left for us to follow.

In study group settings, we openly ask questions and share what we’ve learned in our Christian journey. ¬†Worship experiences give us an opportunity to make a joyful noise to the Lord¬†through music and to receive instruction from Scripture.

Faith is blessed to have a staff of pastors who have extensively studied the Holy Bible so they can offer a more complete understanding of its writings…and help believers discover how to apply that understanding in everyday life.

You are invited to study and worship with us anytime!

Our pastors are available to answer your questions during the week.

Call 740.654.1711 or send an email through the Our Staff page.

We look forward to meeting you.

Jonathan W. Morgan, Pastor